Anatomical Hearts


After working with hot glass for ten years, the techniques have become so natural to me, it hardly requires a second thought beyond being centered in the present throughout the execution. So, it has become clear; it is time to try something new. Something challenging, fun, and preferably meaningful. I rifled through reference photos from previous creative projects, staple gunned a few select images to the wall across from my chair in the hotshop, and set to work forging anatomical heart pendants.

Uniformity is not something I seek in my designs. Some hearts have blue veins and ventricles, some have gold, some pink and grey. Each heart has it’s own personality. It’s these kinds of variations that make it so satisfying to see them with their new owners. Something special happens when a piece and it’s wearer meet. It’s like there is a cosmic little “click” as the work finds an enhanced identity in simpatico with it’s owner. In truth, that is one of the pleasures of making wearable art jewelry. Really, what is the fun of offering something handmade if the item isn’t as individual as it’s owner?
Giving the hearts as gifts has proved very satisfying as I’ve recently sent a couple on to close friends. A dear friend of mine came down with an unexpected heart condition. It seemed a natural gift to give to express my love for her and support for her heart. Another went out as a birthday gift to longtime friend and art associate, Heather Birdsong of Smidgeon Press. She tweeted me a pick of her wearing it out the first day. Apparently, it was getting a lot of attention.

heart pendant

A perfect example of art-owner simpatico. Heather and her heart are made for each other. Feminista jewelry celebrates the feminine in it’s variety of forms and features. The Anatomical Hearts are available alongside Belly Goddess, Mastectomy Goddess, and Yoni pendants.

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