Inspired by the studio glass movement of the Pacific Northwest, Deenie and Daniel Wallace, the artists of Jubilant Glass & Art began creating their exquisite, hand crafted treasures in 2003. Distinct and engaging, their work is sought for its beauty and individual style. Their striking colors and bold design have become favorites of collectors around the globe. Jubilant Glass & Art is proud to offer its expressive collection of fine, artisan glass. Formed in molten fire, each creation is a work of art as individual as its owner. Their shared commitment to fine craftsmanship is evident in their attention to detail and quality of design. As artists, they strive to bring more beauty and joy into the world.

Be Jubilant.

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About Flamework Glass

Flamework glass employs a tabletop gas torch to produce a steady flame for manipulating glass in its molten state. The glass begins as clear and colored long rods and tube. Crushed and powdered glass known as “frit” is also used for texture and pattern effects. Wielding a variety of shaping tools, the glass artist blows, stretches, twists, mixes, melts, and smashes the flowing mass into its final form. The finished work is kiln annealed, a controlled cooling process which allows the flowing molecules to come to rest in a stable configuration for lasting durability.

Prior to the invention of the modern gas torch, oil and wax lamps were used to sustain the steady flame required for producing glass. Today, flamework generally involves the use of a propane gas and oxygen fuel. The mixture of the gases within the flame help determine the color effects produced by the various metals and minerals within the glass.

Historically, the secrets of the master glass artists were jealously guarded by the states and institutions they were employed under. With the development of modern industry and an explosion in the palette available to the modern artist, a glass renaissance is underway in small studios, shops, and garages around the world. The United States Pacific Northwest has been a hotbed of such experimentation and creativity.

Our shop runs two torches; a Carlisle CC Major Burner and a Carlisle Minor Burner. The glass art we produce all comes from quality, Northstar, Glass Alchemy, Momka, and T.A.G. colors and Simax clear rod and tubing.

About The Artists

Deenie Wallace


Deenie Wallace is a multi-disciplinary visual artist from Austin, Texas. Her portfolio of academic painting, fine craft glass designs, and new media works reflect an ongoing interest in color and form. She was awarded a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2006 and a professional development grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council in 2011. Her work is sold online to a worldwide audience and has been displayed regularly in Portland, Oregon where she has been working for over a decade.

As co-founder of Jubilant Glass & Art, Deenie acts as artist, manager, and promoter of the small art studio. In 2012 she volunteered as a council member with the Etsy sponsored group, I Heart Art PDX, where she helped coordinate promotional networking events for handmade artists. You can view her feature in the Oregonian here. In 2013 she received an IDA grant through VIDA to expand the company and studio.

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Daniel Wallace

Daniel Wallace is a glass and visual artist working in Portland, Oregon since 2003. As artist and co founder of Jubilant Glass & Art, his work has been displayed locally and collected worldwide. In addition to his fine glass creations and stunning visual art, Daniel is responsible for the studio’s website development, product photography, and graphic design. He also attended The Academy of Art in San Francisco and The Art Institute of Portland where he pursued an interest in computer arts and 3d animation.


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